I am Laura. I'm glad you are here.

I am the co-author of the award-winning book A Church Called Tov. I wrote it with my dad whose name you may have heard (Scot McKnight) along with our latest book Pivot: The Priorities, Practices, and Powers That Can Transform Your Church into a Tov Culture.

I never intended to be an author. I am a wife, friend, teacher, and an unexpectedly public writer and sometimes speaker. 

I am honored to serve as an advisory board member for a nonprofit organization close to my heart: Broken to Beloved

I live with my husband Mark and our three beagles in the suburbs of Chicago. We are not perfect -- far from it, in fact -- but we live day by day in the grace of our merciful Heavenly Father. 

That is what I wish for you, too. To know that you are loved and to come to Him as you are.